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People… please show some love to my new blog. Yep, am trying to promote the hell out of it in the little time and resources I have. Ok, I have abundant time but resource are still minimal.

Also, please like the facebook page here.

The best part about school was the library, an abundance of books to borrow from fellow hostelites and detailed discussions on every book. I miss that soooo much. There are such few readers around me, it sucks. And facebook is terrible when it comes to books. Absolutely, nobody posts a status about what they are reading. Goodreads is great though there are few truly active people. I am grateful for whatever book recommendations I get from Anita on goodreads. My bro is a voracious reader but his book reviews on the blog have slowed down. Link here.

So, yeah… let’s discuss books… and recommend more… and push each other to read more… and read better.

Please read the blog… and like the facebook page. I may not be able to add you on my personal fb because I have too many criteria for that but we can interact on this page.

Ok… now I need to rush. Have to go buy groceries… rush to the gym… rush back for Badminton and then rush again for Chandan’s core class. Ciao.

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