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Something in the Rain

This Korean series on Netflix has my heart. I was all mush and jelly while watching the lead characters. It is the story about Jin-ah and Joon-hee. She is a 35 year old supervisor of the franchises of a coffee chain living with her parents and dating a creep. He is the 22 year old brother of her best friend who works at a gaming company and has returned from the USA after 3 years. They banter. There is chemistry and they fall in love. The build up to their affair is the sweetest thing ever. From being aware of each other’s physical presence to holding hands to their first kiss, it is the kind of foreplay we feel only once in a lifetime. Korean society is very similar to India. So, the age is a factor in the resistance from their family and friends. But the bigger issue is that Joon-hee is from a broken home and Jin-ah’s mother wants her to settle down with someone well connected.

I would highly recommend this series if you are in the mood for something romantic and slow. Sure, the series isn’t perfect but I would ignore everything for more than 16 hours of Joon-hee’s perfect face and smile.

Sacred Games

I was supposed to finish reading the book before the series started but at 900 pages, the book is slow and very detailed. I haven’t progressed beyond the 100th page and was torn between finishing it first or binge watching the series. I wondered how the writers (hats off to Varun Grover) managed to compress 900 pages into 8 episodes of 1 season. So glad it ends at a cliffhanger and I can finish reading the book before the next season.

Of course the series is brilliant. After all, Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane are the directors and producers. It wasn’t going to be anything less than perfect. When something is very, very good, the internet goes into an overdrive finding faults. Here is some of the criticism that has come it’s way:

  • A marathi actor should have been cast instead of Nawazuddin. Can these people please go fuck themselves? Enough with the regionalism. Nawazuddin is perfect and deserves all the accolades coming his way. Who would have thought a dark, ugly actor would get such prominent roles in Bollywood and pull in the crowds? And he has sex scenes. I am just so happy he gets (half) naked onscreen and has sex with so many women.
  • Nawazuddin is only doing gangster roles. Well, what is he supposed to do if nobody is offering him a lead romantic role? By the way, I would watch that movie. He is perfect, ok? Stop criticising him.
  • Radhika Apte is the go-to actress for Netflix and playing the same kind of roles. I love her. I think she is hot and a brilliant actress. She is one of those women I could sit and stare at while she talks non stop. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I loved her in the series. She blends into her character so well that you almost wish she stood out. All you haters, please leave. Just leave. Now.
  • Why didn’t they cast a transgender in Kukoo’s role? I get it. Representation matters and this was a big opportunity for the producers to have sent the right message to the industry. It would have given them good PR for free. But then the argument that only Marathi actors should be cast in Marathi roles stands. Where does it end? Where do you draw the line? Does this mean that a white, straight person can only play roles written for white, straight people? Kubra Sait was brilliant in the role and looked the part. And it was brave of her to play this part. Let’s not take that away from her.
  • The female characters were given a raw deal in the series. This criticism I do agree with. Maybe the book only has males as lead characters and the women are insignificant but the book was published 11 years back. Maybe Vikram Chandra would have added stronger and more central female characters in today’s times. The series wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test (a test which asks if two women in the soap/movie/book talk to each other about anything apart from men). Hopefully, they rectify this in season 2. After the disastrous segment by Anurag Kashyap in Lust Stories, he owes us better female representation in this one.

I can finally go back to reading after ignoring the 3 books am reading currently.

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