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I came across Raja Sen’s article on British sitcoms and started watching them on Netflix. I am addicted now. They are very different from regular shows because they dare to go where others don’t. Everything is up for a laugh and there no morality pulling you down.

This is what I’ve been watching :

Fresh Meat :

This series is about 6 students who live in the same house during graduation. It is about their lives in the 3 years of college. What sets it apart are the well defined characters which are very real. There is a guy and girl who get together and then break up because the sex is mediocre. They try an open relationship but it is too complicated. A girl sleeps with her professor, becomes an assistant to his wife and then sleeps with his son.

It is a very, very funny series.

Crashing :

There is only 1 season of this and I hope the 2nd one starts soon. A bunch of people live in an abandoned hospital building to save money. There are intimacy issues between a couple, a guy dealing with his homosexual inclinations, jealousy issues, friendship, a painter trying to get over daddy issues by painting and fucking men who look like her father, friends who have chemistry but are afraid of taking the next step etc etc. Again, a lot of it feels real and I binged watched it.

Love sick :

I am watching this right now. A man discovers he has chlamydia and decides to inform all his ex-es by meeting them. Every episode is a flashback about every relationship. Very interesting.

Have you tried the download option on Netflix? You can download movies and soaps on the phone or IPad and watch it offline. Pretty cool. You need wifi to download. I think Netflix has killed Amazon Prime only with this additional feature.



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