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I was reading an article yesterday on Nerd Fitness while completing a lot of boring work I have been procrastinating for the last 2 months. This article talks makes so much sense and this is how my fitness journey changed and I started seeing results. I have bookmarked the article so my phone reminds me to read it everyday at 7 am. I want to start my day with these thoughts in my head.

Some highlights of the article and how they apply to my life:

  • I focus on someone I want to be like. I want to be like Amit, the trainer who introduced me to TRX. I want Shubhra’s abs. I love Madhuri’s muscles. I like how cute Anand is. I love Mac’s core workouts. I love the energy in Mohit’s body pump class. I miss Chandan’s core class. I love Ritesh’s physique and his madness. These are all my heroes. I pester them for advice and soak up like a sponge any morsel they throw my way. I want to be them someday. I want people to look at me and go “Wow. I wish I had that”.
  • My food choices changed when I started asking myself “Would Amit or Shubhra eat that? Hell, would I eat that if I had abs?” Desserts, ice creams, fries, fried foods, maggi etc just didn’t seem important suddenly. THIS is the how I managed to change my diet. It isn’t perfect right now which is why am going to read the article every morning and ensure I started make the right food choices everyday every minute of my life.
  • Train towards something. Another change has been training FOR something instead of going to the gym and killing an hour. I want to build muscles so stopped running very long distances. I have a specific objective when I register for a half marathon. Long distance running burns muscles and messes with my fitness goals. I run smaller distances but try and make them intense. At the gym, I focus on body pump and body weight (TRX) workouts mainly. I need to start setting goals for each month once ADHM is over.
  • I started my fitness journey after I crossed 30 years. I am a slow runner. I am at a disadvantage when it comes to those who were into fitness or sports in their 20s and continue to have a high metabolism. I have to train harder for a particular timing while I see newbies with better timing. It is ok. We all start somewhere and get somewhere else. Compete with yourself. My journey is different from someone else’s. And the journey is more fun. I am saying this on the eve of ADHM and know that the timing I achieve is not going to validate anything. I trained hard. I am proud of it. Nothing can take that away from me.
  • Stop thinking in days or weeks or months. This is a journey which will take years. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? I want to get abs… not today or next week or next month … but next year.
  • I stopped focusing on results and started following the process. The results came automatically. I make a plan and follow it. In the process, my body changed and results could be seen by everyone around me.
  • I surround myself with people I want to be like. This also means I stay away from “you HAVE to drink” and “you HAVE to eat dessert” people. I respect your choice to not respect your body, please respect my choice to respect mine. Yes, a hubby who won’t force you to drink or eat dessert or eat junk food is a big support.

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