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Hey people… am on a roll here. 4 posts in 4 days??? Awesome.

Just wanted to put a few disclaimers on my post on Indira Nooyi. Hours after writing it I had lunch with KD. She is a working professional with a child… and is the most ambitious woman I know. Her point was that I don’t know what Indira’s statement means because I don’t have a kid. A very fair point. According to her women are the ones who are designated by nature to give birth. And it is not a short period- 9 months of pregnancy and atleast 6 months of breast feeding (ok… I just googled that ‘coz I have no idea about these things and google was no help) maybe even more. You tend to go slow in your career during this period which is atleast 15 months. And that can hurt. But the biggest problem women have is guilt… the guilt of leaving the child when going to work because by nature they have been designated as the primary givers. The man has little to no contribution in these 15 months. Men- please… changing diapers is not a major contribution. And thats the problem… the guilt. Plus a child will adapt to the mother’s presence or absence because children are very resilient that ways. It is not like children stuck to their mother’s breast are in anyway better than those who stay apart. So, the whole thing is in a woman’s head.

Again… I don’t know a thing and I doubt I will ever think differently but who knows. All said and done… whatever Indira’s personal struggles she needs to come across as an inspiration rather than demotivating women. I don’t care if she has to lie. The last thing I need to hear is another woman telling me I cannot balance things. There are enough men thinking that anyway.

But thats not what this post is about. I just got my BMA done last night and am not happy with the results because there has not been any change in the last 1 month. I have 5 more months to get results else it is back to the old, cheap gym. And I don’t want to go back because Fitness First is so cool. It is one place where you can meet/see people serious about fitness… ripped abs… bulging biceps… muscular calves… And the group class instructors are the best. Imagine- being a room with atleast 15 other people… amazing, high tempo music playing… and a ripped instructor pushing you to do your best for 60 mins.

Right now am not where I want to be. Ok… this is what I want… a flat tummy with abs but I will happy with the flat tummy as a start and I want to get my belly button pierced. And its going to happen… someday… Hell, I may even get a tattoo on my belly.

I am not even happy with where am right now. This is not where I thought I would be after a year.

I do have a lot of reasons/excuses… I was ill and not in my best state in terms of workout… and so have not eaten clean… have not eaten (serious) protein in weeks… ย have not been able to wake up for cardio in the mornings. But they are all excuses.

Time to get serious.

Here are the list of things am going to do tomorrow onwards:

The workout plan. 2-3 hours workout may seem excessive but I only push myself as hard as I can. If am not upto, I don’t do it. And there is enough scope to add strength/speed/flexibility to my body.



I will make the menu tonight and update this post. But these are the general rules:

– Have protein in every meal… eggs/chicken/fish.

– Dinner by 7 pm. This is not very difficult but needs a bit of planning. There is a Le Marche (gourmet food store in Delhi NCR) in the same mall as the gym which sells marinated non veg and is fresh. I just need to buy it in advance and grill/fry it.

– No sugar … or white rice… or oily stuff… or fried stuff… or Maggi (1 pack has 360 calories. I need to run for 1 hour to burn these many calories)… or desserts ย (will have 1 on Sat though since Smoke House Deli has sent me free coupons and I need to use them)

– Replace rotis with moong chilla

– Have vegetable raita before lunch. Need to get some veggies in. Add steamed veggies to every meal

– Have atleast 2 servings of fruits

– Track everything I eat on Target is 1200 calories (excluding calories from protein)

– Protein shake after every workout

– Try and drink 2 litres of water. Will have to track this though

Thats it then. I think I should revive the fitness blog. Need to be accountable on a daily basis.

Rishabh- my junior from B school is a big inspiration. He regularly runs full marathons/triathlons… one of them was in Leh/Ladkh… and is preparing for Iron Man. He is the only man I know personally with rock hard abs… have only seen pics of those though. Men like him should be the only ones who bare their chest in real life… everyone else should stay covered up. He tracks his daily food and workout in an excel sheet on a daily basis. Tomorrow onwards he will share it on fb. Drop me a comment if you want to follow him.


2 thoughts on “Need to get serious

  1. YOU are inspiring man , And thats why i love your blog.

    When i stumbled upon your blog like 2 years ago ( Yeah you read it right, I’m reading it from 2 years or more may be ) , And that time you used to write things to do it on saturday sunday , Line by line. I found iot funny . and actually was thinking that why should somebody write that on a blog . and why am i reading it.

    wait. I really have a point here ๐Ÿ˜› , In case you are thinking otherwise ๐Ÿ˜€

    Still i was a regular at your blog , because some posts were funny , to the point , and some were bad as*. after some time i started liking reading the schedule , and for sometimes i even made that for myself. May be not on paper . ( Of course :P) , but in my mind .

    And indira nooyi , Yes everybody has different opinions, But i feel we can do so much more then Men do .
    My husband is almost a replica of yours ๐Ÿ˜› , trust me on that when i said replica ( except teh work part , because his work is almost his life :P) . He can sit on the couch and watch 4 movies back to back
    on a holiday ๐Ÿ˜› and my idea will be totally like what you have in mind.

    So when they say that woman can multi task, I really feel that we can .:P. So kids wont stop us from gaining excellence in any field ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheerss !!

  2. You are right about the to do posts , they were boring. But that was the toughest year of my life…. New job which sucked, living alone in Mumbai, meeting KC only on weekends, no support in form of parents. Focussing on my chores helped me get through each Sunday .

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