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Hi… Sorry, I have been gone long. I wanted to blog but didn’t get the time. My life is more hectic here compared to Mumbai even though I had expected it to be the other way around. Work is hectic since it has been 3 months only and it will take time to get things in auto mode where I can take a back seat. Until then, it will be hard work.

Last 3 days have been horrible. My mom had come on Thursday for a quick visit. It got me very emotional… I miss home… I miss my dad… I miss the old days. And there is no going back… When I was in the hostel, I went home every 2 months. It was enough to help me rejuvenate. It was time away from regular troubles. It was a safe haven where life moved slowly… there was nowhere to go… nothing to do… a perfect time out from the daily running out.
I have been running around for 2 years … and there is no safe haven to go to. This is IT.
I returned at 8 pm on Thursday, bought groceries, invited a friend over for dessert since Mom baked muffins and he is a fan of her cooking, changed the invitation to dinner AND dessert, reached home to discover the cook had not turned up due to an emergency, cooked dinner and washed clothes and setting the house in place. By the end of it, I was exhausted… mentally, emotionally and physically. I cried myself to sleep.
I wish I could take off somewhere… ANYWHERE for 2 days… away from everything and everyone.
I wish life would sort itself out instead of involving me in its maze. Why is my life so complicated when people around me have it simple?
On Friday morning I wanted to curl up and sleep all day. I didn’t want to go to work but that is not even an option. Thankfully, work took my mind off other things and for that I am grateful.

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