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Nope, we did not buy a house…. just rented another one. Thankfully, we found a house at lower rent in the next building. Overall, we thought it was a money saving deal. The house is clean, big with a lot of minor details taken care of since the owners used to reside here years back.
There are many things which are an inconvenience:

  • No balconies. There is one tiny balcony where we can squeeze in the clothes drying rack. All the balconies have been taken inside so the house is larger. The part where the balcony should have been has wooden flooring and looks good. But, I miss balcony. No matter how small a house, it should have a balcony. I do not sit and ponder or even spend time daily there but its a nice thing to have. It gives the illusion of space and an outdoorsy feel.
  • Yellow lights. I really do not understand this Gurgaon phenomenon. Every house has yellow lights. It is like living in the USA. For me, white light is mandatory. We will get them replaced next weekend. We have reached our saturation limit this weekend.
  • Kitchen cupboards. When a flat is bought for investment purpose the owner does not worry about cupboards and stuff. There maybe cabinets in the kitchen which can be customized according to the tenant’s needs. In our current flat, the owners have made cupboards basis their needs. For me, this means that many of my dabbas which store stuff do not fit. The cabinets are too high for me or the cook to reach and using them is out of the question. It is a weird setup. Thankfully, there is a chimney and plug for microwave.
  • Too many mirrors. I am happy to see mirrors but there are sooooo many of them. There is one at the entry and you can look at yourself while in the kitchen, a mirror behind each bathroom door. Watching yourself pee is no fun… you get to see fat from different angles which is not the best early morning sight. These are apart from the regular mirror on the cabinet. There is another one in the lounge room. Surprisingly, none in the bedroom but our dressing table mirror makes up for it.
  • Smaller cupboards. This means that with the amount of stuff (clothes, shoes, bags etc) I have, the cupboard is packed to the brim. I cannot shop for atleast another 6 months ‘coz there is no space to keep them. Maybe, I do have a lot of stuff. A smaller cupboard brought the realization.
  • No dressing table. The previous flat has a magnificent dressing table. Its amazing how stuff can expand (through shopping) to fill up spaces. And now, all of it does not fit into our smaller size dressing table. I have found a way around it but am not too happy.
  • View. The current flat faces the road and the other flats are closer together. This means that we can hear traffic (not too much though), we will get better breeze since it is breezy on this side of the building. This part is the most pleasant side to take a walk on and many times I would pass it and wonder what it would be like to live here. It means we need curtains since KC and I are not very fond of the concept of “clothes” specially in this season (40 degrees and more). Even the bedroom has so many glass panes that curtains are mandatory. The balcony looks onto the tennis court but the view of the garden is blocked by another building. Our previous flat looked out into an open space and we could have done anything without needing curtains.

All in all, the flat is better. It feels lived in and more at home compared to the previous one which was sparse (for lack of another word to describe it). KC and I are totally beat. We have been on the move since 7 am yesterday. The AC guys finished their installation at 10 last night after which we had dinner. I woke up at 7 am and cleared out stuff today. There was also the 2 hour dance class in the evening. I cannot afford to miss the classes since we have started preparing for the summer workshop in July. The workshop is basically stage performance by the students. It is different from normal class because the focus is more on the routine (series of steps on the song), performance and less on the technique. In the sense that, regular classes have 20 mins of dance and 40 mins of exercise and technique (pointed feet, straight lines, straight legs etc etc) while in workshop classes it is vice versa. Today, we were taught ten steps which we mastered while doing them slowly. When the song was played, the ten steps were barely few seconds of the song. Now, THAT is hard work. The song is very, very fast and performance can be a focus once the steps are mastered. I need to practice everyday to be able to perform decently.

I need plants for the house- outdoors and indoors. Thats the only way to get a better view.
I will try and blog more often now that we have shifted and 80% of the stuff is done. Ciao.

5 thoughts on “Naya Ghar

  1. Its always a pain when you shift. Getting used to the new furniture is tough for guys. Cant imagine what it must be like for you women.

  2. @ KC: Definitely as soon as I have the plants and bookshelf

    @ Neil: Umm… How is furniture related to the gender???

    @RT: Thank you… yes, it is a welcome change

  3. Most guys are averse to change. They know where everything is supposed to be and would like that to be the same till kingdom come. One time effort only. I’ll refrain from posting any comments on women lest I get beaten up by anyone reading this.

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