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I am very happy with my week. I have been waiting for all the half marathons to get over so I can get back to intense weight lifting and going slow on cardio. The problem is that I have been low on motivation and bored with working out alone. Right now the idea of splitting the body into different muscle groups and working on each one individually on different days does not appeal to me. Simply for the reason that if I miss one day, everything goes haywire. I put a lot of thought into it and made the perfect plan for the week. This is how it goes:

Monday : Hill repeats (morning) and TRX full body workout (evening)

Tuesday : 5 km cycling (morning) and Yoga and Core (evening)

Wednesday : Tempo/Interval run (morning) and Body pump full body workout (weight lifting)

Thursday : 5 km cycling (morning) and TRX core

Friday : 5 km easy run (morning) and TRX (group class)

Saturday : Rest

Sunday : Long run

  • I am focusing on running short distances instead of long ones
  • Any half marathon that I run in the next 6 months will not have a timing target. After March, I will take a break from half marathons and my longest distance will be 10 km. I want to keep cardio to a minimum.
  • TRX is the most intense workout I do in the week. On Mondays, I just do a bunch of high intense exercises. Basically, what I learn in Friday class is part of Monday workout
  • I wanted to wake up late on one day of the weekend and so either Saturday or Sunday is a rest day
  • I have alternated between high intense and low intense workouts. So, on Monday I push myself while on Tuesday I focus on flexibility

But only exercise is not enough, this is what my diet looks like:

  • Morning : A slice of bread (when I forget to buy a banana) before cardio
  • After cardio : Milk+fruit (mango/strawberry)+whey
  • Breakfast : 2 fried eggs + 2 slices of bread
  • Noon (If am hungry) : Snack from nibble box or coconut water or buttermilk
  • Lunch : Roti and sabji (paneer/choley/daal fry) or rice or dalia khichdi. I eat what I want to for lunch without restricting myself
  • 4:30/5 pm : Fruit/snack from nibble box
  • Evening : Gym
  • Post workout : Whey in water
  • Dinner : Protein (Fish/chicken)

But the biggest change has been in my mindset. I have stopped worrying about results and only follow the process. I eat when am hungry without worrying about how many servings of fruits I have had, how many calories am eating etc etc.

This is what my week looked like:

Saturday : Rest day

Sunday : Was supposed to run 10 km but didn’t

Monday : Hill repeats and intense TRX session with 200 squats and more

Tuesday : Cycling, core and yoga

Wednesday : Interval run and Body pump

Thursday : Didn’t workout

Friday : Skipped morning run, got BMA done and then TRX

These are the results:


There was no change in the 1st week but in the 2nd week, am very happy with the results. 500 gm fat loss along with 400 gm muscle gain is good. I am happy that I am on the right track.

Hanging the white board above my bed where I see it every morning and night has been the best thing I have done.


If I continue to get fit at this rate, I will be very, very happy. But the whether I see results or not, the process needs to be followed.

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