My right to be a fabulous landlady

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When we bought the flat, all we evaluated were the rates and how easy would it be to sell off or give it on rent after possession. The next few years were a mind numbing struggle with all the paper work (money included). Once we got possession, we contacted our trusted broker to put it up for rent. Few things we (atleast I was… don’t know about KC. Since it is impossible to get him to do something he does not want to do, no opinion generally means he agrees… or atleast I like to think so) were clear about:

  • We didn’t give a damn who stayed in our flat- family or bachelors or single women
  • We didn’t care who they brought over at the flat- friends, family, girls/boys as long as it wasn’t anything illegal like prostitutes
  • We didn’t give a flying fuck if they drank/smoked/partied/kept late hours/had annoying babies/kids
  • We would get all the paper work in order- rent agreement, cheques, police verification, company employment letters. But we all know how easy it is to get a police verification without actually visiting the police station which is why the company employment letter is a good document. You can always contact the company HR in case of any serious issues.
  • We wouldn’t go visit them just to check on them.

Our flat was given on rent to Bihari bachelors whose office is walking distance from the flat and met them once while handing over the keys and resolving any pending issues (minor construction issues, gas connection, video phone, cupboards for the kitchen etc etc). Few days back the society sent a mail on a meeting with the owners where majority have voted that bachelors should not be allowed to rent flats in the society. I generally ignore all the mails from the society but then people started replying to it taking sides on the issue and I sat up and took notice.

We have certain principles and we want to be broad and open minded landlord/lady but this ruling goes against everything we decided. Since yesterday, there have been mails going back and forth (4 from me) on the issue. Apparently, many societies in Noida have a similar ruling where bachelors are banned. Their issue? Drunk driving, getting cosy with females in the society, throwing trash anywhere and everywhere, playing loud music, using abuses and playing loud music.

Apart from getting cosy with females, am not sure what marriage has to do with rest of it. Everyone drinks and drives in NCR. In fact, I come across as weird because am strongly against this. I have stopped drinking completely mainly for this reason. I live with someone who still throws trash anywhere. Dustbins are invisible to him. He also loves playing loud (and might I add, crappy) music but as a compromise uses headphones. And we both abuse. You cannot leave your kid for 15 minutes around us. And we are married.

What is it that people are afraid of? Wasn’t everyone single at some point of time? Or were they such monsters as single men that they assume everyone is like that? I don’t get it. Someone took serious offence to my view that some people may also find babies’ crying annoying just like someone else who has an issue with loud music. We all have to live together in a society and tolerate each other’s disturbances. What do they want? That everyone should be old, boring and narrow minded just like them?

We (rather, I) can easily let this go. It won’t be hard to find tenants who are married and have kids. But if I don’t put up a strong fight today, the society may vote people out basis food preferences or religion. Let’s not forget that UP is the same state where a man was killed because of rumours that he had beef in the house. I am even willing to go to court for my right to rent out my flat to whoever I want. Only people paying the EMI have any say in the matter. The good news is that in recent cases, courts have upheld this right of the owners over those of the society.

There is no fucking way am going to be a part of such crappy rules like it is in Mumbai. NO FUCKING WAY.

This is why I love Gurgaon. Nobody gives a fuck. The owners only care about the rent and the company you work for. They won’t call or check up on you and you can treat the house like your own. If people in my society which includes bachelors, single women, couples, families and senior citizens can live their lives their way, I don’t get why people in other cities can’t.

Also, why do people suddenly have a high moral ground once they have kids? Like, they are doing this world a favour? Men and women with kids- if you don’t look amazing while telling me how amazing having a baby is… I don’t believe you.



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  1. I’m actually glad you wrote about this. It’s a pretty annoying condition to not allow unmarried men or women to stay at certain places. One is not only being pre judged but the entire community of unmarried people is being stereotyped as if marriage was a degree of decency. I once decided to not take up a place because the landlords didn’t want any male visiting me. Weird that people expect you to have only gendered relationships if you’re unmarried.

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