My purse needs cleaning

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Don’t mind the weird title.. I just cleaned my purse. I have to clean it every week ‘coz it gets infested with numerous bills.

I am exhausted today… I traveled upcountry after quite sometime. Thankfully, even in the heat there is a cool wind blowing which makes being outdoors bearable.
The pros of staying in small towns/villages is that life moves so slowly. People have lot of time on their hands… (Sorry… had gone to take my turn in 5 games of Scrabble… am back now)… they live in bungalows which is a mere dream for people living in cities… Nobody is in a hurry. In short, it is a different life.

These days I am addicted to Scrabble on Facebook… the obsession started with Pathwords… have not played it in a while… have to beat KC and Tangy’s score but 1300 seems impossible right now. I then moved on to Scramble.. still trying to beat Tangy’s score there… hope to succeed soon… and now it is Scrabble… there is nothing better than playing it online with KC and RT. Who says we need to meet up to play games. Internet is the best invention for this lonely, fast paced world.
Another good thing about Scrabble is that you can start a game with anybody in the world… you never who you will end up playing against… some guys are using this as a means to chat up girls but as long as they play the entire game I don’t mind… women tend to come and go and the game drags on for days.
Anyway.. good night… need to go back to playing games.

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  1. i really enjoyed playing it the other day wid u…was thinking the same…its the best thing to be invented..for people feeling lonely..

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