My mother made me wear pants

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I come from a small town and my parents are very conservative. Mother believed I could do whatever I wanted after marriage with my husband’s permission but as long as I was financially dependent on them I had to follow their rules. So financial independence was the biggest goal in my life. Even today, taking anything from parents or borrowing money from hubby is a No No in my books. Money is control and if someone pays for you, they get to control your choices. But that is a topic for another post.

Last month when I was home, mother had a problem with my shorts because they were not knee length and hence unacceptable in her house. I didn’t understand how a few inches made such a difference. It was just her and dad at home. The only way their society would find out I have sexy legs was if she clicked my pics and shared them on the family WhatsApp group. It would make a great change from the shitty jokes they exchange on those groups.

My argument was that brother wears shorts too. Are they discriminating between their son and daughter? In 2017?

Mom – He wears knee length shorts

Me – Do you know how difficult it is to find knee length shorts for women? Plus, they cover the best part of my legs.

Mom – Wear pants

Me – I don’t have any. I like tiny clothes.

Mom – Dad is also upset.

Me (look at dad who is busy with his newspaper blocking out all conversation) – I don’t think he cares

Mom – Have you no shame? You want your dad to discuss these things with you?

Me (looks at dad)

Dad makes a half hearted attempt to protest against the sight of the legs which get so many likes on Instagram.

Flashback over

Back to the present

While preparing for this visit, I asked bro if he wears shorts or pants at home. “Shorts”, he said.

Over the phone, mother begged to wear pants instead of shorts. I was adamant that she treat her male and female kids equally and now brother has been banned from wearing shorts.

This is all my brother’s fault. Why could he not have worn tiny shorts and stood up for our rights? Now all of us have to wear pants at home which is so damn unfair.

All this drama could have been avoided had I decided to not vote in the elections. I am ashamed that this is the first time am going to vote in my life. It is the first time during elections that am not banned from the family and staying so close to home. Sure, I could register as a voter in Gurgaon but my vote against the present government counts more in Gujarat. It hits them harder in this state, especially in the current elections.

I put my ego aside and wore pants last night. The reward was a hug from my mother. It would have melted my heart except I have seen women get emotionally blackmailed into giving up any chance of a happy and free life by their parents.

And you wonder why am so cynical and wary of people.

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  1. I wear shorts at home now, as an adult. I wasn’t allowed to as a kid growing up even though we are just 2 daughters. If Indian men saw enough womens’ legs growing up they wouldnt salivate over every pair of legs in their homes.

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