My mind wanders

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When the book am reading is not the most interesting one, my mind wanders. That is a problem because then the mind needs to be entertained. I prefer it when my mind is focused on one single thing at a time instead of wandering around everywhere. Nothing good can or ever comes of that. Few days back someone said to me “You should loosen up. Time if fluid. Go with the flow.” So, I  tried and it didn’t really work very well. There are two ways to “loosening up”

  1. Loosen up
  2. Tighten yourself so much you can barely breathe and then let go a little. You will feel “loose”

The 2nd one obviously works better for me.

I could abandon the book am reading but I don’t want to. It isn’t a bad book, it just isn’t capable of keeping me glued to it 24/7. Hopefully, I finish it today and pick up something better.

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