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I have 2 goals right now
– To lose fat
– To gain muscles
In my case, I lose fat when I gain muscles and vice versa. I have been researching on the 2nd point online and this what I have learned.
– Your body gets accustomed to the same weight you lift and you should constantly increase the weight to challenge your body
– It is better to do 5 repetitions of a higher weight than 25 repititions of the lower weight

Till now I have been doing the opposite. Also, my instructor has not bothered to find what my goals are. For the last 5 months I have been lifting 2 kg weights which is ridiculous. Last night was leg day and the instructor asked me to do 3 sets of 25 each of lunges with 2 kg weights. I told him I will not touch 2 kg dumb bells now even if I can do only 5 repetitions. I took 3 kg weights and did only 15 repetitions.
And then he made me lift a barbell. With only 15 repetitions I was out of breath. Even running does not make me this tired. Awesome awesome work out. Only 30 mins but it really got my heart rate up.

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