My first 10 km on the bicycle

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The ambitious plan was to run a 10 km in the morning and then cycle another 10 km. It was set up for failure because I would have to get my ass off the bed by 6 am (earlier the better), start by 7 am and be back at 10 am for the maid. My life revolves around household help.

I woke up with a start at 7.30 am (it is funny how all stories begin that way) and pushed KC out of bed. He was supposed to leave home by 8 am. Apparently, his friend A who was picking him up didn’t wake up on time and I was depending on KC’s alarm to wake us both. How can people be so inconsiderate? I asked KC to request A to stick to his plans because then it messes with mine.

At 8.30 am I was all set to leave the house but couldn’t find the keys for the bicycle lock. Great!!! After searching for 15 mins I found it exactly where we keep it. Thank god KC didn’t answer his phone because I was ready to blame him for misplacing it. I was about to leave when the maid turned up. I had to wait for her to finish the work. By 9.20 am, I was out of the house. Raahgiri ends at 10 am and I wanted to reach Galleria and head back before that.

*Raahgiri is an initiative started by a NGO 2 years back in Gurgaon. For 3-4 hours on Sunday morning, 4 km of the roads are blocked for traffic. Citizens come out and run, cycle, play badminton, cricket, football etc on the streets. Reebok, Crossfit, Fitness First, dance groups, Hindustan Times, TOI have free yoga/weight lifting/zumba/dance performances/cycles on rent etc etc. There are cops and volunteers throughout the route to ensure traffic does not enter.

My house is 3 km from Raahgiri route. Today’s cycling route was 3 km to and from Galleria (Raahgiri route) and a 4km loop around it*

I was back home by 10.30 am.

Things I need to take care of :

  • Wear a helmet. I don’t like wearing one but this is not optional on long distances
  • Bike earlier because dealing with traffic in Gurgaon can get me killed. A cab guy almost hit my cycle from the front even though he had enough space to go from behind (I was going right, he was going left)

I am stuck with a gearless bike and don’t want to spend money on a geared one right now. So, slopes (even slight ones) are torture but they will only make my legs stronger. If I continue to bike regularly for a year, I will splurge on a geared one.

Cycling is fun and requires very little effort. Which is also why it burns hardly any calories. I can’t replace running with cycling because I burn atleast 500 calories after a 10 km run and with cycling it is only 208 calories. So, cycling is only for cross training.

I am very, very happy for getting the 10 km done since the maximum distance I have cycled till date is 5 km. The best part about winters is that you can step out at 9 am for a run/cycling. During the summers, you have to get your workout done by 7.30 am latest.

Anyway, have to go for a shower now followed by lunch followed by movie and then I need to come home and write this week’s posts on the other blog.









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