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Hi. I am going to review some of my favourite personal care products. I would not give them up easily. Sure, trying out new ones is part of the experience but I tend to go back to them sooner or later.

1) L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque:

I was recommended this when I got my hair straightened 3-4 years back. It was expensive- the small pack available in salons cost Rs 500. I have the bigger pack whose MRP is Rs 900. You should find it in wholesale market. I love this masque. The packaging is jar shaped and easy to remove. The jar is filled to the brim and product is of creamy consistency. A small quantity goes a long way. You just have to apply it after shampoo, leave it on 2-3 minutes and then rinse properly. Do try it even if it is hard on your pocket.


2) Matrix Biolage Anti Dandruff shampoo:

This is the only Matrix product I have used. Matrix is a poor cousin of L’Oreal Professional and I am more of a Professional gal. I face dandruff issue and have few shampoo options. I would use Head and Shoulders earlier. The problem was if I shifted to another brand, the dandruff would come back. On moving back to H&S, the dandruff would take a few weeks to go away. Not a very healthy sign. I tried this product and like it a lot. The MRP for 200 ml is Rs 190. Slightly more expensive than H&S but lasts longer. I am a fan and will not shift for quite sometime.

3) Chambor make up remover:
There are many make up removers in the market but most of them are for eye and lip make up. I think Lakme is the only other brand which has a face make up remover. I am not into Lakme products. They are good if you have just started using make up but not otherwise. I came across this product at the counter in Shoppers Stop or Lifestyle and decided to try it. It costs Rs 400 (approx) for 75 ml. I remove eye and lip make up with a Maybelline/L’Oreal remover, splash my face with water, take a small quantity in my palm and then massage it on my face into a lather and then rinse off. Initially, I was a little skeptical. What if it is not effective? How will I know the foundation has been completely removed? To test it, I used the product, dabbed a cotton with eye make up remover and swiped on the face. There were no trace of make up, my skin felt clean and soft. A small quantity of product goes a long way. It has granules which are very soft and spongy and exfoliate the skin too. Also, it acts my face wash. So, 3 in one- make up remover, exfoliation, face wash.
1 tube lasts me a month or more and I use it every night to remove make up. It is pricey but worth it.
4) Oriflame foot cream:

I do a home pedicure/manicure every weekend to keep my hands and feet well maintained. I had purchased a VLCC foot cream which was trash. After finishing it (which took a long, long time) I was looking for a good foot cream. I came across this Oriflame one. It is priced at Rs 229 for 75 ml. The best part about it is the non greasy formula. I cannot sit still and having to wait for the cream to get absorbed or worse, it sticking to my foot is too much to expect from me. A small quantity goes a long way and gets absorbed within seconds. This tube should last me 6 months.

Tomorrow, I will do a review of mascaras. Good night.

3 thoughts on “My favorite products

  1. I love this make up gyan that you give. Goes a long way for novices like me. I still do not use make up. You ought start a series with the basics and how to go about. It will definitely instill confidence in people like me who will then comfy to go ahead and make purchases across the counter.

  2. @ Mahesh: Thats ok… you love some, hate some. I am trying to bring a little more variety into the blog

    @ Anita: Thank you. I am not so good at make up so posting any tutorial is out of the picture. You should check out Start from the last pages. It has tutorials, reviews of various brands. Damn good.
    I will definitely review products I use. I think that will be quite helpful.

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