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I am a woman… my life is hard… love me, appreciate me, indulge me… for am an independent woman.
It is one of those days when am tired of women crying over their life and their need to feel superior. Calm the fuck down, woman… life sucks… for the men too.
But this news takes the cake- A woman- Harvard pass out- ran a full marathon (42.2 km) without tampons or sanitary napkins. Which means she had blood trickling down her leg.

The post where I initially read this had comments from women like “If a soldier had blood from a wound oozing down him and he ran 42.2 km, everyone would appreciate him but as soon as a woman does it, people have a problem”. I resisted the urge to laugh.

Here are all the problems I have with this kind self aggrandization:

  • There is no victory in running 42.2 km or even 21.1 km. Nope, there isn’t. Anyone can do it. And anyone does do it. And running long distances does not even make you fitter. It justs burn your muscles which is not good. Running to be fit? Run short sprints and give up on long distances. This is coming from someone training for her first full marathon.
  • I run when I have my periods… so do all the other women. I have read about women who have run 42.2 km when they were 8-9 months pregnant. Runners run no matter what- when it is hot, sunny, humid, raining, cold, when they are tired etc etc etc. Running when you have your periods is not an achievement. Also, is this lady saying that she did not run when she had her periods while training for the full marathon even once? Really? I find that hard to believe.
  • Does she say she ran to stop “periods shaming”. I am proud of my periods. I have never ever cribbed or complained about my periods even once in my life. It means I can give birth. The blood flow every month signifies that everything is ok with my body. These days it also means am not pregnant which is a relief. Does this woman realize that women who go through “periods shaming” don’t know what a full marathon is? That they won’t read this article?
  • Running with blood trickling down your legs is unhygienic and yuck. Seriously.

We should really stop misusing the word “feminism”. Everything is not feminism. Doing what a man can do is not “feminism”. It just means you are a normal human being. Period.

Feminism is equality of sexes. It is not separate queues for women and separate compartments on the train.

How many women think “Thank god for women’s compartment on the metro. Now I don’t have to worry about getting molested”. Most of us think “Thank god for separate compartments. I will have space to stand or sit”.

Are we saying men have it easy? Seen a married man taking a sabbatical because he just wants to stay home with his kids? How many women do that? I am tired of women either crying because life is unfair or acting like they are superior. How many campaign for men’s rights? His right to be who he wants to be.

Imagine spending all your life growing up with social taboos about women, fed by women. And then growing up and realizing everything you have been taught by the women (mothers) is actually bullshit. The world has changed. And you are now either a mcp (male chauvinist pig) or a feminist or pretending to be a feminist.

This also means- I need to spend less time on facebook. This is what my facebook life is these days:

  • There is someone posting bullshit news on the timeline and arguing over everything on this planet and sometimes even over stuff off the planet
  • or am fighting with someone over some post just for the heck of it
  • or I have to see bullshit like women trying to gain attention

I am not sure which is worse.



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