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I had mentioned in a post about whey protein and how I am not sure it helps. My friend (who is non existent most of the times) APC, mailed me and convinced me to try it.

I bought the best whey protein within my budget from It has been a month since I started having it in milk after every workout. I generally add 1 scoop in 1 glass of milk… so, 2 workouts equal 2 scoops per day.

Today was my BMI and measurement day and these are the results:

– My fat weight has been steadily decreasing and is the lowest this month despite my indulgence in desserts last 2 weeks (damn you yummy red velvet cupcakes and Westin buffet). The decrease is slow… but thats ok. Losing fat is damn difficult and I am ok with slow but steady. I think long runs (14-15km) once every week have also helped this.


My muscle weight has never been highest (except for Dec’13). I had been struggling to reach the same muscle weight as that in Dec but could not… until now. The whey has helped and I want the weight to go up from here. No more ups and downs… it is up, up and further up.



In winters I was waiting for summer for pleasant runs and now it feels like torture. I generally run at 6.30 am on Sundays (cannot wake up earlier) and it is so sunny. I am ok with the heat but the sun overhead makes me very tired. I could not finish my 15 km today and it was quite frustrating. I walked for atleast 5 km. Bugger!!!

The only solution is to run at 5 am. Sigh!!! Waking up at 4.30 am is unimaginable right now. But it needs to be done.. after all, it is just one day of the week and I can always come back at 7 am and sleep.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi there Bulbul,
    congrats and keep it up dear. i m very impressed on the fat weight loss in these months. How do u maintain to keep up with decrease in fat weight? i feel mine just sits there nonmattet wht i do. but i m not giving up. so with this motivation m asking u some suggestions frm ur exp how do u weell maitain tht decreasing graph.
    Will look fwd to your sweet reply. till then enjoy

  2. @ Shweta: Hi… sorry for the delayed reply. I have been working out and eating right (mostly).
    – Working out: I think its important to work out 6 days in a week and then up the intensity when your body gets used to it. I spend 30 mins in the gym but they are so intense that my body aches for 2 days. Enjoy your workout and kill it for that 1 hour.
    – Eating right: Make a weekly menu. I can’t eat right without the menu… when I have to wake up and decide what needs to be cooked, it is never healthy food. Also, I have added protein to my diet… I eat either chicken/fish/egg daily in atleast 1 meal, if not more. Protein is important. And I eat fruits everyday. Summer is a good time for fruits ‘coz there are so many options- mango, cherry, litchi etc.
    These are the important things that are working for me.

    @ APC: Thanks for all the advice. It seems to be helping.

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