My body is my temple

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Some of us are geeks, nerds, unsocial and totally uncool. We embrace it. We like it. Naah, we love it.

This is to remind myself to focus on my goals and not let people veer me off them. Between people (includes everyone- friends, family, even KC) and goals, the latter will always come first.

Lesson I learned this week – do not put anything poisonous into your body. My body has evolved. It isn’t a normal person’s body. It is one step (maybe even a few) above most people’s. I have nurtured it, pushed it beyond it’s capacity, taken great care of it and am fucking proud of it. I can give up anything for it. My one transgression, which I thought of as “letting go, loosening up” has cost me one whole week. One week of zero workouts. One week of feeling less than 100%. One week of the body teaching me a lesson.

KC did warn me with “You know you don’t want to screw up your Sunday plans”. Yep. Nothing annoys me as screwing up my best laid plans. And yet I didn’t listen. Because sometimes you have to jump into that well and see for yourself.

No more going off track, come what may. Even if it means, I only leave the house for work and the gym for the next few months.

Now am trying to block off my whiteboard with unfinished workouts of this week. I don’t feel guilty, just sad. That one night just wasn’t worth this.


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