My appliances are acting up

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First the IPod conked off… don’t know how or why. The stupid call center executive gave the incorrect address for the service center.

Next, my Lenovo laptop has started the same problem for the 3rd time. Can you believe IT??? I have decided to get it repaired… and then sell it off. I will buy a Sony Vaio or a Dell. The former for its looks and the latter for reliability.
And then, my MTNL net connection would keep disappearing. The landline was not working. But atleast that has been repaired.
And there is my hand blender… the first one broke down… I bought another one… even this is acting up.
Getting appliances fixed is a pain… there is a search for the service center online… then the visit to the center…. after which is the wait which is killing… when it is fixed and handed over there is the fear that the problem will recur.

5 thoughts on “My appliances are acting up

  1. @ Jani: What makes you think I don’t use them carefully????????

    @ Anonymous: ‘Coz landline is required for MTNL broadband. I don’t use the phone.. don’t even remember the number but it should work.

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