Mummy Daddy – Fund my break and find me someone to fuck

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I have been thinking about this for a while and then this post by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan has made me type it.

Everywhere around me I see people taking a break. It’s a very new thing and many people with barely any experience in the corporate world are “taking a break”. Good. It means people are genuinely thinking about what they are doing and chasing their dreams. Of course, figuring out what their dreams is the real challenge. Some of them are confused and insecure when they see their friends/batchmates living it up while others have a chip on their shoulder and look down upon the ‘corporate rats’.

I have been following this trend and realised that everyone who ‘takes a break’ is financially dependent on their parents. It isn’t exactly a break but more of a ‘I can’t deal with the realities of making a living and want to escape’. You may think am being judgemental but look around you. If it wasn’t for parents willing to fund these ‘breaks’, would these people even be able to take one? If their parents hadn’t worked hard to give them this option, they would either deal with the corporate world or become financially stable and then fund their own breaks. I also know people who decided to start on their own after 10 years or more in a successful corporate career with their own money. No mummy daddy funding their ‘breaks’.

People taking a break = People who didn’t think about their careers before embarking on them.

These guys have wasted one seat during their graduation, then proceeded to waste a seat in their post graduation and then wasted a job offer. We spend 5-6 years in college (graduation + post graduation). Isn’t that enough time to figure out what you really want to do? Please note that we live in a country where there is fierce competition for admission into good colleges. Every mark matters here. Ask anyone who applies to DU every year. Now, imagine you missed out on your preferred college because of a few marks and the person before you proceeded to ‘take a break’ just after one year into their job? Imagine if that college for IIM. Instead of IIM-A, you have to go to Indore and miss out on your dream job. And then, the person who went to IIM-A and bagged your dream job, decided to “take a break” after 1-2 years because he/she couldn’t deal with the realities. Unfair, isn’t it?

So, guys and girls… please go ahead and take a break but make that decision before you enter college. Take the break before college and figure out what you want to do. Don’t waste college education and please, don’t make your parents fund the ‘breaks’. This may be India but depending on your parents after college is sad and soon, going out of fashion. Your next step will be getting mummy daddy to find you someone to fuck because nobody in their right mind is going to do it.

At the same time, I admire people who build a strong financial nest and then proceed to try something new in their careers. That is brave, admirable and if it doesn’t work out, the experience will last a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Mummy Daddy – Fund my break and find me someone to fuck

  1. Exactly my thoughts !!!

    My point is, Take a break , if you want and can afford . But don’t waste the college seats. I know one persona who is IIM passed out and , now taking a break .
    When I got to know , the first reaction was, Why did you waste a seat of IIM when people are trying so hard to get it.

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