Mumbai over Bangalore

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Who knew!!!

  • Better branch office. Lots of natural light. Newer office.
  • Better cabins
  • Work life balance
  • Fitness First (The one at Bangalore has shut down and will reopen soon. It was their worst branch and wasn’t a platinum gym)
  • Better (so much better) running scene
  • Better fashion sense (This is mainly in South Mumbai or in Bandra. But even Powai has women in great clothes)
  • Some of my favourite people are in Mumbai (haven’t met most of them yet)
  • Best city if you like plays (I get to watch the best plays before people in other cities. Yoohoo)
  • Metro (Makes east west connectivity hassle free)
  • Can get homemade food whenever I want because MIL (Who knew this would be on the list)
  • Less travel time to any part of the country (travelling 7 hours for Gurgaon would have sucked my soul)
  • Airport is close to where I live. 30 mins to international airport on a good day. 60 mins on a bad day.
  • Jams are predictable and can be avoided due to so many routes to any destination
  • Better cabs/auto scene (None of the “Pay Rs 20 more than meter” kind of scene)

I guess am ok being in Mumbai instead of Bangalore. I’d rather be in a city whose fuckallness is familiar to me and hence, will stress me out less.

Of course, Delhi NCR is bae. And none of the cities on this planet match up to its awesome-ness.

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