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#MumbaiIn3Words is trending on Twitter. Even I though I abhor that city I have spent more time there than anywhere else.

What does Mumbai mean to me?

– Cheese Pav Bahji. The one city where you should eat Pav Bhaji. When I first stayed in Mumbai in 2008, my daily food was Pav Bhaji. Thats all I ate… everyday… sometimes for lunch AND dinner. No, I didn’t gain weight. 60 sales calls per day was enough exercise

– Ladies local train. What a life savior traveling from Nahur to Currey Road. Actual travel was from Mulund to Lower Parel

– Movies at PVR Cinemas, Mulund for 100 bucks. Yep… I asked them if they were shutting down and so liquidating their stock of tickets

– Bumping into Emraan Hashmi (when he was only a serial kisser and not really counted as an actor) at Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund

– Bumping into Kaushal Kishore at PVR Cinemas, Juhu

– Late night movies alone at PVR Cinemas, Juhu. I stayed in Andheri for a month so Juhu was close.

– Hours and hours and hours spent at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

– Hours and hours and hours spent at Phoenix Market City, Kurla

– Marine Drive… once in a while

– Jazz by the bay which is now Pizza by the Bay

– Aromas at Powai… and Thane. Though Thane one has closed

– DMart… my savior when I was in Mumbai sales and also as a shopper

– Essel World. Ok, its sad but I still went.

– Shopping at Linking Road, Bandra. Tried it once, got confused… did not shop there again.

– Out of the Blue. My favorite restaurant at Bandra Carter Road. The first time I went there was with S. We had met A who stays in Bandra and he recommended this place. I was on the way to redbox cafe to meet my older and married colleagues and their spouses but S called and we decided to meet up. We hogged.. and hogged and hogged. Started with Pasta and drinks… then Pizza and more drinks… and then fondue and some more drinks. Good times.

– The city where I paid rent for the very first time

– The city where I started driving on my own. Prayers for my 2nd hand Zen which taught me how to navigate the Powai slopes… my biggest challenge as a beginner. Also the city where I had maximum accidents.

– Red Velvet Pastry at Rolling Pin, R City Mall, Ghatkopar

– Splash (the store) at R City Mall, Ghatkopar

– Mumbai- a weird mix of very open/broad minded people and the sickest, most narrow minded people.

– In laws

– KC



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