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I was complaining to NH7 Weekender on twitter that their dates clash with ADHM and I will either have to skip their event or manage the time.

*Going to skip it of course and need to sell off the tickets*.

MSF contacted me on twitter and asked if am running the half marathon at ADHM. They wanted to know if I would be interested in fund raising for them. I had come across the fund raising page while registering for ADHM but wasn’t sure what it entailed. I shared my email and contact number with them and they called me with details. I have never raised funds before except for the time when Rishabh was raising funds during IronMan and I spread the word. It did help in getting donations and brought him closer to his target. My biggest worry was “What if I cannot raise the target amount? Will I not be allowed to run the half marathon”. Aditi at MSF put all these fears to rest. If I don’t meet the target, I don’t meet it. Whatever bit I do raise, will be good enough.

MSF is Medicins Sans Frontieres (in French) or Doctors without Borders. It provides medical care around the world. It is independent, non government and non profit. They do not take any government grants because that keeps them independent and more importantly, neutral. In India, they are working in Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Mumbai etc on mal nutrition, mental health, TB etc.

Everyone has a pet cause. I don’t and am not even sure which is a greater evil and needs to be removed first. Two things appealed to me about MSF:

  • The fact that they are “without borders”. Medical care is every human’s right irrespective of where they live, which party they vote for, which religion they practice, what they believe and what acts they do. A “terrorist” deserves medical care just as much as an army soldier. Because there is no difference between them. They both strongly believe in something. It is the world which has designated their beliefs “right” or “wrong”.
  • My father is a doctor. I have seen him work tirelessly days, nights, weekdays, weekends, through festivals etc. I know these days medicine is not considered a noble profession. It has become commercial and everyone is out to earn money. And yet, every doctor contributes to some cause. Every single doctor. Polio would not have been eradicated if doctors didn’t ensure they vaccinated every child in the government camps. Medicine is the only profession where everyone contributes to society selflessly.

At MSF, doctors/medical personnel are sent on international projects- sometimes even in war zones for a certain period. A doctor needs to commit 6 months atleast to a project and they get paid a stipend.

What do I get in return? Nothing. Sure, there is a goodie bag if I raise a minimum of 1 lakh and I get perks like meeting the ambassadors of ADHM and priority line up. But I have taken a goal of Rs 50,000. If I can raise that much this year, I will try for 1 lakh next year. And I hate goodie bags because they are filled with crap. Also I am really not interested in meeting Bipasha Basu or Rahul Bose. Thanks but no thanks.

This is my way of contributing to something which is so important to me- running. And ADHM is where it all started. The Great Delhi Run is what pushed me to take running seriously and train for a half marathon.

Please go to my page here and donate. I don’t care how much you donate- 50k or Rs 100. As long as you do.

You can read more about MSF here.

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  1. Never mind my earlier comment. The widget takes me to the appropriate place. However, I am not an ‘Indian National & I don’t see an option to donate in USD (I understand why – but with the exchange rate charged by credit cards here in USA and the transaction fees, I’d rather not pay via USD and get hit with those fees)

    Any other option?

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