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Raising funds for a NGO is a privilege. It is hard work as well. It is pissing off too. And it takes a lot of self control not to judge someone.

I have to constantly stop myself from asking “If someone you know is asking you to make a donation, why wouldn’t you? What kind of a person do you have to be to say ‘No’?”

Clearly my non judgmental skills are not working right now

Coming back to the point, am running the half marathon at ADHM this year on 20th November. I am raising funds for MSF Doctors without borders. My target is Rs 50,000 which I couldn’t meet last year and would really like to meet this year. Please make a donation.

Rs 100 = a few chais you have to give up

= a few cigarettes less

= a little less food you order on a weekend

= 1 ride in Uber pool instead of Uber Go


Rs 500 = 2 less coffees at Starbucks (and if you go to Starbucks, Rs 500 is peanuts for you, clearly)

= 1-2 trips on local transport instead of Uber

= 1 meal less in a restaurant

= Less alcohol this month

= 1 dessert less this month

Are you saying you can’t spare Rs 100 for a cause?

Thanks for those who promptly made the donation yesterday. Much appreciated.

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You can make your donation HERE.



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