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Guys…. I am raising money for Doctors without Borders as a half marathoner at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon this year.

Read more about them here and here.

Bulbul nbsp;Gopalani - MSF India -Airtel Delhi Half Marathon - 2015 - India Cares Foundation

This is my first time raising funds for a charity and I request each one of you to contribute whatever amount you can.

You can go to this link and donate

I have exactly 3 more weeks before ADHM (29th November’15) and need to raise around 20k more. Buy a few crackers less this Diwali and contribute instead to the great work MSF is doing across the world.

PS : People with Indian bank accounts/credit cards can donate. The process for donation by NRIs is a little complicated and you can get in touch with me directly in case you are interested.


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