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Hi… I have been so busy.. trying to manage and close so many things.

– KC found an awesome flat in Gurgaon… the rent is the maximum that we were willing to pay. It could have been negotiated but the owner’s broker is a little too cunning. He wouldn’t give our broker the owner’s number. I think he was finding tenants so that he can get brokerage from both parties. It is only when our broker agreed to give him most of the brokerage that he directed us to the owner. Yep, our broker had to lose out… but he is hoping we will buy a flat through him sooner or later. Anyway, the deal is done… the owner is a very educated bloke (like most owners in that colony). The coincidence is that the owner used to be our neighbour… we would regularly drool over the large balcony with 100-150 plants decorated in it. The flat has a modular kitchen and a huge shoe rack. What more can we ask for? So happy about it.

– I had contacted Interem movers and packers but they had too many terms and conditions. Apart from a higher rate, they needed 1.5 days to pack my stuff. Huh??? I mean… c’mon… I wanted to send my stuff on 15th August since it is a holiday but they would have charged me extra (over and above the already high quote) for shifting on a holiday. I contacted Crown movers and packers (basis feedback from fb friends). They sent me a quote double that of Interem… too high…. unbelievably high. I then contacted Arya movers and packers (basis reviews on They promptly mailed me a quote in an hour… then sent their executive the next day for a survey. Thats where things went wrong. The executive gave me a discount and a bill for ‘Skyway movers and packers’. On questioning, he said they are both the same and Arya does not have an office in Mumbai. Okies… I paid him 1000 bucks and confirmed the deal. I was also in touch with Arya movers and packers on mail and sent the confirmation through mail. Everything was ok… until 14th when the executive called me and said the vehicle will arrive at 9 am on 15th and I should cancel the ‘other’ movers and packers. I didn’t think much about it. Thankfully, I was up till midnight and got a mail from Arya asking why I have cancelled the shifting. ???? I panicked… and call the guy right away (at midnight). Guess what? Their executive had quit and joined Skyway. They did not know it…. he had booked my goods on Skyway instead of Arya… and then told Arya I have cancelled. Thankfully, I was in touch with them on mail… The next day I screwed his happiness. Arya agreed to match the same rates and return the 1000 bucks I had paid the executive. Whew!!! Imagine if my goods would have gone through some unknown movers and packers? They could have easily stolen my stuff, taken the money and switched off their phone. A major disaster averted.

– KC was here and helped in the shifting. But things were not smooth after that…. the society would not let the big vehicle enter the gate at 8 pm… finally, they had to hire a smaller vehicle and send it in batches to the big vehicle. After that, we rushed to buy a mattress… yep, we had nothing to sleep on. For some reason, shops were closed on 15th August. I searched online and found a tiny shop in Bhandup. Now, I am surviving on a mattress, laptop, internet connection and well, KC

– Getting a gas connection or transferring it in India is such a pain. Something this basic should be much easier to obtain. I have already been to the shop 3 times in the last one month… and have to go again. And this agency is much nicer than the one in Gurgaon.

Anyway, Ciao… I am off to finish off more chores.


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