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I have watched quite a few movies in the last few months but didn’t review them. Here goes:

– Life of PI:
   I came across a lot of thanda reviews which mentioned that the movie does not live upto the book. None of the movies do. I read the book eons back so there was no basis for comparison. I liked the movie… it is well shot… has amazing special effects… Suraj Sharma is damn good. I can’t believe its his first movie. Irfan Khan’s accent is weird… its neither Indian nor American. Awesome!!! I got the whole “finding God” thing… don’t know why reviewers were confused.

– Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2
   I watched it only ‘coz I have read all the books… and watched the movies in the series. The problem with the whole series is that they start with a bang and then fizzle out. The climax is the saddest of all. There is fighting and everything only in their heads… nothing happens in reality. Thank god its over and I don’t need to watch any other movies.

– Skyfall:
  I do not like Daniel Craig as Bond. What a let down after Pierce Brosnan. Did not like this flick… at all. It was boring.. I didn’t understand why Bond has to save M all by himself… where were rest of the agents… dumb. So hollywoodish. Avoid!!!

– Dabaang 2:
  Why did I watch it? ‘Coz I had seen part 1 and KC loves it. It was predictable… usual Salman fare. There is a song where Malaika and Sonakshi are dancing with Salman. Why would anyone put the beauty and the beast in the same frame? Beauty- Malaika… Beast- Sonakshi.

– JabTak Hai Jaan
  During Diwali there was not much to do. In terms of movies it was either this flick or Son of Sardaar. We decided to watch this movie out of boredom. Big mistake. Was Anushka jumping into Pangong lake in a bikini? Are these guys kidding us? You could die if don’t have warm clothes around the lake… roaming in a bikini will mean instant death. Katrina’s dance in the club is ridiculous… she can’t act or dance. The kiss between SRK and her is so awkward… don’t kiss if you are not comfy.. there was zero chemistry. We walked out in the interval… not watching SRK movies again. Avoid!!!

– Chakravyuh
  Watched it ‘coz it is a Prakash Jha movie… big pain. Om Puri, Manoj Bajpai and Abhay Deol are wasted in this flick. Arjun Rampal is wooden like most of his movies… Esha Deol was wearing shorts in the middle of a jungle in the interiors… really? Anjali Pai is awesome…. excellent actress. Avoid!!!

– Argo:
  Awesome movie… so original. Some Americans are stuck in Canadian Embassy in Tehran. A CIA agent- Ben Affleck is sent to rescue them. They pretend to be part of a movie crew and he manages to rescue them. The best part is it based on a real life incident. Awesome!!!

– Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola
  The mixed reviews made me watch it a week late. I loved it… how original. Pankaj Kapur stole the show. Imran Khan was more the sidey than the main lead. Pankaj’s accent was bang on… while Imran’s effort was good. Anushka is good… she is good looking and can act. Perfect combination. 

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