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The final in the series… Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and finally… Breaking Dawn. It took me weeks to finish this one… Bella and Edward are married… and Bella gets pregnant. She also becomes a vampire in this one… the book is as exciting as the others. The problem with all these books is that they make you anticipate action… but the action never happens… specially in this book. I was a little disappointed in the end… the end is too happy… too soon.


I expected better from Abhay Deol… it is an ok ok movie…. quite predictable.


17 Again: Another predictable flick about people becoming young… somewhat like ’13 going on 30’… but slightly more tolerable. Zac is kinda cute… Watchable once on DVD…
Vicky Cristina Barcelona: I watched it last weekend… It stars Penelope and Scarlett Johansen… A very weird flick… The story is about 2 friends… Vicky and Cristina. They go to Barcelona for the summer. Vicky is engaged… a practical, down to earth, no nonsense female… Cristina is impulsive, romantic and recovering from a break up. They meet a man ‘X’ who propositions them and offers to take them sight seeing. On the trip Cristina falls ill… Vicky and X have sex. On returning, he sleeps with Cristina and they start dating. Meanwhile, Vicky gets married but cannot take her mind off the one night stand.

X’s ex-wife Penelope is a psycho and barges into the relationship… Cristina, Penelope and X start having a relationship… In the end, Cristina leaves.. Vicky approaches X for another one night stand… but Penelope intervenes with a gun.Vicky and Cristina leave for home…
Totally avoidable!!!


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