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I like movies (who doesn’t) and I like to read biographies. I avoid autobiographies because we all have selective memories and like to white wash our lives.

I strongly believe in grays instead of black and white. Nobody is good or bad… we all have a mix of both. The more in touch and aware we are about our dark side the more control we have over it.

If I have to write a book about my life tomorrow, I will be the heroine of it and not the villain. And thats why autobiographies are extremely unreliable. But then so are biographies where the author has not spoken to the one he/she is writing about. Then the biography is only hearsay.

I just finished reading Naseeruddin Shah’s autobiography and enjoyed it thoroughly. The book starts with his birth and ends with his marriage to Ratna Pathak. For obvious reasons, he has not written about his kids. The book deserves a sequel, maybe when he retires. Though I hope he never retires.

Naseer is one of the best actors in India. His command over Hindu and Urdu is superb. Also, he is straight forward and speaks his mind. I remember he was the only celebrity to trash Farhan Akhtar’s acting in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. BMB was a pathetic movie… horrible Punjabi accents, bad music and focused on everything (partitions, Hindu/Muslim, his sex life, his abs) but Milkha. At the end of the movie, I had no idea who Mikha is actually. I read the book on which the movie is based and its far, far better. All Farhan did was… build abs (whats with this new trend? I don’t need abs to drool over an actor… if he is decently fit, am happy)… try and acquire a Punjabi accent (at which he failed miserably). Throughout I felt like I was watching Farhan PLAY Milkha. He never internalized (MBA jargon… yay) Milkha.

But, this is not a review about BMB. I am digressing. So, Naseer was the only one who had the guts to trash the famous actor/director son of a more famous writer.

He is just this frank, honest and straight forward in his book. He has not portrayed himself as a saint… in fact, you may be shocked by some things. He has also written unemotionally about many things. Isn’t that how things are once the pain has dulled and enough time has passed?

There are some watershed moments/incidents which bring a big change in our lives. Sure, small things also change us but the biggert ones.. the ones we remember all our life hit us and knock out the senses. For me one of them is my wedding… which was a beginning of a new relationship and end of another one- the one with my parents.

At that point of time I could not believe this was happening. Imagine having your security blanket pulled away from you for life. And having no home to go back to. Over the years the pain has dulled and it no longer matters so much. The pain changed to anger to resentment to indifference.

Life does not turn out to be the way we want it to or the way its supposed to… and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Adios then. I need to take a walnuts eating break.

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