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Arthur Christmas. Last weekend there were no movies to watch. We decided to go for this flick. How wrong can you go with animated movies? I love watching such movies on X’mas on TV. It gives me a warm, woozy christmasy feeling. Thats X’mas for me. It is a nice, cute movie about Santa and his kids. The 3D is quite good. I like the new 3D movies. The previous issues have been sorted out. Earlier, some parts would be in 2D and I would have to remove my glasses to watch clearly. Catch this when it comes on TV.
I had not so great reviews about this one and missed it over the weekend. KC and I had watched the first part few months back. We decided to catch the 2nd part over the week. I had free passes which were expiring on Thursday. We really enjoyed it. It is good entertainment. I do not follow Sherlock Holmes. I grew up on Nancy Drew and any other detective is just not interesting enough. So, I do not know if this sticks to the original series. My perception of Sherlock Holmes is of a meticulous man who misses nothing. In that sense, the character does not match the perception. But thats ok. Don’t miss it.

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  1. I was disappointed by the Sherlock movie. i am big fan of the series to the point of being a bit obsessed. i did a review of this for the National Daily here.
    Did you get to watch the Benedict Cumberbatch led Sherlock series on the BBC? If not please please please download and watch the first season – 3 episodes ( 2011) and the recent 3 episodes (2012). they have just 3 episodes for each season/per year which is so so disappointing. It is the best rendition of the Holmes series so far.

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