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What I liked about it:
  • 2 hours long
  • Has Irfan Khan
  • Is based on a true story
  • No songs
But… the story moves very slowly. The story is about Paan Singh Tomar… his transformation from an army man to an athlete to a dacoit. The part about the army days is entertaining but then the story moves very slowly from being an athlete to a dacoit.
I especially did not like the end… its as if the director was sympathizing with the dacoit. I was comparing Bandit Queen with this movie… BD also kills a group of villagers in a similar fashion for revenge. In BD, I couldn’t sympathize with Phulan… no matter what she went through. In PST, the director is trying to get the audience to sympathize.
I hated writing that sentence… ” I couldn’t sympathize with Phulan… no matter what she went through”. Maybe I would want to kill… and I would have, in her place. But I don’t want to be a put in a position where I have to sympathize with a dacoit. That is wrong.
All in all… a good effort but when there was something lacking. I think PST is being made out to be a hero, which he is not.



What I liked:

  • It is only 2 hours
  • Vidya Balan has not applied any make up- except kohl and lipstick. A heroine without foundation… WOW
  • Most actors were not well known or not seen before. Lends the movie an authenticity
  • Kolkata and Durga Puja is a backdrop… giving the movie an interesting personality
What I did not like:
  • Could I have predicted the end? Yes, if tried
Kahaani is a genre not made anymore… suspense thrillers. Remember movies like Gupt (can’t recall any other) with a suspense in the end? A suspense that cannot be very easily guessed? I miss those movies. These days, filmmakers do not even try to surprise the audience. We just have to watch recycled crap.
Vidya is a gutsy actress. Who else would have agreed to go make up less, wear 3-4 dresses in the movie and play pregnant throughout? (Only Priyanka Chopra comes to mind… but I do not like her lips anymore… too much surgery). Vidya has done it again… hits pe hits.
I loved seeing Kolkata. I have been there during Durga Puja and it is chaos… but fun. I remembered the one month I spent there. I pointed out to KC all the places I had been to.
Must watch.


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