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I like Mila Kunis… she was fab in That 70s show and Black Swan. She is so pretty and I love her voice. We were trying to decide which movie to watch today… Mere Brother ki Dulhan was out… the choice was between FWB and Contagion. We picked this. The movie is full of cliches… guy and girl have commitment and emotional issues… both are single… become friends… decide to have sex… it gets complicated… they fall in love… the end. There was no interval and I couldn’t even have nachos. A bummer…. but I got to watch Mila Kunis and that makes it worth it.


TGIYB is out and out an art movie… Art movies these days are… Phas gaye re obama, Pyaar ka punchnama… Dhobhi Ghat… etc… also called multiplex movies. TGIYB is not in that genre… it is an art movie of the kind in which Shabana Azmi… Om Puri… Smita Patil etc would star. The background reminds of that time.

I like art movies… so found it quite ok. Ok… not good. I was surprised that all reviews given were good. This is what happens when perceptions take the front seat. Anurag Kashyap has made a name for himself… to the point that critics have stopped trashing his movies. Some have even called it his best movie to date… which is so not true. Dev D and Udaan are the best. None of the others come close.
I also do not understand why such movies are hyped and why there is advertising done. Everybody goes to watch it expecting it to be a commercial movie and comes back disappointed. Why not just target the niche audience who will appreciate it?
Watch it only if you like art movies… else avoid. I would have preferred to download it online and then watch it instead of spending money.

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