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Hiya. I have been meaning to review the movies I have watched but did not find the time or the inclination. So, here goes…

I watched this with D and KC in Vasant Kunj 2 weeks back. D likes George Clooney and was excited about it… I had read good reviews but knew it is damn slow.

The story is about a husband whose wife meets with an accident, enters a coma and dies. The twist is that he gets to know that she was cheating on him and everyone, but him knew about it. I felt like Hollywood has run out of stories and decided to put a character in an impossible situation… then worked out the story around it.
I did not like it at all… who does that? Who will look for his cheating wife’s partner and ask him to see her before she dies. That is so dumb… and loserly.
The only reason why this movie works is ‘coz of Clooney. He is usually so chic, handsome and suave in movies that watching him play this role is awesome. From acting to his dressing… he lives the role. You have to notice his pants… they fit him like it would any of our dads.
I would say… avoid.

I missed this movie in the theatre. I don’t think I would have dragged KC for it, anyway. I downloaded and watched it when KC was away this week. The story is about the time that racism existed in USA. Blacks mostly worked as labour… they were discriminated against. One white woman decides to write a book on their experiences. It is her struggle to get them to trust her and get the book published. The story sounds very appealing… but the movie is very Bollywoodish. A movie with such a story has a potential to be path breaking, specially if it has been nominated for Oscars. But its very commercial. I did not enjoy it much.
Just watched flick since reviews on fb were good. In a nutshell- it is Jab We Met without Shahid with wooden Imran with a twist in the end. Imran is doing the same roles over and over again. I am tired of seeing him as the good guy next door. He is so wooden. You have to compare Shahid and him and see the difference. Imran has a loooooong way to go. Kareena is the same… like her natural make up in this flick. The story is slow… thank god, it is just 2 hours. Kareena and Imran stay friends in the end… with him still pining for her. Such a loser.
Avoid… just watch Jab we Met again.

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