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Watched this flick on Friday night for lack of options. It has lesser known faces as main leads. The story is about 2 gangs at war in Mumbai. Everyone has their ambitions and end up killing each other to fulfill those.

The movie is A rated due to the dialogues and scenes. Be prepared to hear some very bold dialogues.
The 2nd half became a little boring and the climax was predictable.

Watch it if you have no other options.
I have watched East is East and found it depressing. I couldn’t understand Om Puri’s character or his wife… why should take all the shit from him… why was he so stern?

West is West gave me the answers to those questions. It is about complicated emotions… about decisions made without thinking too far… Om Puri abandons his family in Pakistan to move to England. He sends money home regularly but marries an English woman there. He tries to bring up his kids keeping Pakistani values in mind but they are all English to the core. In this part, he returns to Pakistan and feels guilty about leaving his kids all alone. He tries to make amends but his English wife also lands up there.
Its a good flick… but not everyone will enjoy it.

I watched this movie as a kid in bits and parts and have been meaning to watch it for the longest time. 2 weeks back I picked up the DVD. Watching it was a problem ‘coz KC was not interested. So, weekends were out. I watched 1.5 hours on one weekday and the rest on the next weekday. Yeah… I can do that. It is a great movie. I liked how Shabana Azmi has no money or anything to call her own after parting from her hubby. Independence… specially financial independence is very important. All 4 actors are superb.

Somehow Mahesh Bhatt has made 2-3 movies on the same theme… one with Kangana… and then another with Esha… if memory serves me right. The song “Tum itna kyun muskura rahe ho” is soooo soothing.

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  1. bhindi baazaar: Are the scenes shot artistically enough?

    west is west: Oh, I will watch this one. Something different and interesting.

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