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Hello… Hello… Hello. I can smell the fragrance of wet mud in the air. Did it rain last night? I think not but it is 6.27 am and there is a slight chill in the air. This year the weather has been bad. Too many months have been blistering hot. When it gets pleasant in Delhi NCR- during spring and fall, it is so awesome. But am looking forward to winter. Ok… Ok… I may crib in Jan/Feb. I want to wear my shortest skirts which can only be worn with stockings… Even at work…. The awesome leather jacket I bagged in a sale… The boots.
I injured my ankle in the gym the other night. It was a core training class but this other instructor took over and made us do circuit training. Which basically means a set does not include reps of 1 exercise but of all exercises. You start with 1 workout… Then do next… Then do the next one… And repeat the sequence all over again. Also, you have to do it as fast as possible. I don’t think its the right way to workout. It tires one out faster and you just end up losing form in trying to be faster. We were on our last set and second last workout. We had to jump onto a step, jump off and squat. The trainer kept asking me to go faster… And I did…. And then landed on my twisted ankle. It hurt so so bad. I was given an ice pack and it felt better. While leaving the gym I realised driving is out of the question and asked KC to pick me up. Thankfully he found an auto at 10 pm in Gurgaon and took me home.
The doc was pretty cool though. He asked me to walk normally ( I was limping till then) and said I can be back in the gym in 2 days. KC was disappointed… He had expected I would have to be on bed rest for a few days and out of the gym for atleast a week.
A day of work from home yesterday and I feel ok. The bandage should be off today and I even plan to drive KC to the airport tonight.
Of course, there go my plans of running at Lodhi gardens on Thursday but I think I could do it on Sunday for sure.
Am sitting in my nice balcony trying to ignore the ugly outdoor unit of the AC. We bought new plants this weekend because KC killed the previous ones by not watering them. And its looking good.
Ciao. I need to find an outfit appropriate for work wear but also goes with my bandage and floaters. Am thinking capris (would love to wear shorts instead) with a tee/top.

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  1. Shorts would look cool with the bandage 😛 . But since you cant wear it in office, try Skirts 😛

    Get well soon . I’m so looking forward to teh long weekeknd

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