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How can I not jump onto the bandwagon and write about crap called – Beef Ban.

A day (part of so many recent days) which did not start off well is ending well. Maybe I can even go for a run today. Ok, fine. Running is not happening for sure due to the foot injury (more on that later) but a girl can hope.

And here is what twitter has to say about the beef ban.

Pushkar @Pushkarr

RT if you’re a Maharashtrian hen or goat but are smartly dressed up as a cow today.

 I am sure all the animals are envying the cows right now. But I feel like the cows are too dumb to get it. 

Buls @boogerworm ·

Lunch with colleague

Him- Why have they banned beef?

Me- I don’t know

Him- Kya agenda hai?

Me- I don’t know

Twitter has given only useless info

So yeah. I laughed at it but have no idea why the fuck is the Maharashtra CM acting like a fuckawit. 

Buls @boogerworm

I didn’t care about beef but now all I want to do is devour every cow I come across

So going to eat the next cow I see

Tanmay Bhat @thetanmay ·

Would’ve suggested ban on CCD but we need public toilets

Raise your hand if you’ve walked into a coffee shop to pee *raises both hands and legs*

Sahil Shah @SahilBulla ·


– Vegetarians.

 For once vegetarians are having the last laugh. 

And I have harassed this guy a lot in the last 2 days. Hope he does not block me out. because he is my favorite stand up comedian *fingers crossed*

Sapan Verma @sapanv ·

Wondering what excuse they will give for banning beef because chow mein has already called dibs on rape long ago.

 Wonder what will a beef ban prevent? 

Utsav Chakraborty @SatanBhagat ·

I have a simple yardstick for eating an animal. If it’s stupid, eat it. So any animal that doesn’t understand traffic and eats plastic…


Siddhu ki mamma @ItemMom

Ban cigarettes. Oh wait. That’s a Multi billion rupees industry. Who cares about what it does to health.

Perspective. Nobody wants to touch cigarettes but beef is fair game. Die, smokers, die. 

Angry Bombay Girl @shadymumbai

Whoever Banned Beef in Maharashtra … I hope those cows u saved will come and vote for you in the next Election .

I am sure they evaluated the vote bank and then made this rule

Daniel Fernandes @absolutelydanny

Tera bhagwan hain toh tu mat kha na chutiye!


Ramesh Srivats @rameshsrivats ·

In Maharashtra, all chicken, goats and sheep are currently thinking – Why do gais have all the fun? #BeefBan

Sarfaraz Smurfy @BabaGlocal

Screw you Congress for messing up so bad that people thought this Stone Age fascist party was a better alternative.

 Days like these when I miss Congress. Don’t do anything but atleast don’t go around banning shit. 

Atul Khatri @one_by_two ·

Beef only banned in Maharashtra. Which means we can go to Gujarat to eat beef while Gujjus can come here to drink alcohol. Seems fair

 And thank god I don’t reside in either of these two states. They are pretty fucked up when it comes to ‘democracy’ or ‘secularism’


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