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I am exhausted, so exhausted. I was trying to sleep since 8 pm last night but free time is rare and I decided to spend it watching Netflix, conversations with friends, conversations with strangers, reading etc. I am lying in bed drained and looking at a hectic, packed schedule which is all my doing. The last few days have been hectic and I haven’t be able to go to the gym, which is also why am feeling low.

Anyway, this is what I wrote on 30th but was too tired to post.

This is my first month end where am fully involved. Everyone is still in office. We have crossed our target but would like to meet the dream number without increasing the pipelines like a good (rare) FMCG organization. There is a contest where 2 team members can win and I have spent all day gossiping with colleagues in other branches to get information on the other contenders. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Also, somebody makes the PPTs for me now. Of course, I was given the responsibility for tomorrow’s PPT at 5 pm and am still waiting to see the final slides, without which I cannot leave office. I could finish some work but am pooped. Meeting someone for a drink would be nice but the idea of contacting people and making plans sounds really boring. I’d rather chat with Google assistant than go through the charade of making plans and later regretting them.


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