Money does not buy happiness

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I agree but it does buy peace of mind and a lot of other tangible and intangible things. I may not be rich (not as much as I want to be, at least) or be able to afford luxuries but there are times when I realize I am so much better off than most people.
Today morning I hailed the auto outside the building (yes, I take an auto in Gurgaon). I did not have change for 500 bucks and asked the auto guy to find it on the way. He stopped at a wine shop (yep, they open at 9 am) but no luck. Our next stop was the petrol pump … a place which is always flush with money specially cash since people get charged surcharge for paying by card. The auto guy returned after 5 mins… the petrol pump did not have change. WTF!!! I asked him to drive inside… walked to the nearest attendant and demanded change. He sheepishly removed 5 crisp notes of 100 from a bundle of thousands of such notes. I abused him for good measure. What was he trying to do… lying to the auto guy like that.
How humiliating it must be to be even denied change ‘coz he is an auto guy and so has no standing in society.

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