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Missed ya people… loads and loads. I am so so so so sorry for leaving like this… but I didn’t have access to the net. I have been writing posts in my head and craving to put them here.
Life is ok… KC is moving to North Karnataka. It is my worst nightmare come true. We have dreaded this moment so much we were afraid to even mention it. Sigh!!! He asked me the other day; “Why is this happening to us?” I said; “‘Coz yeh zamana pyaar ka dushman hai”.
Quite LS (low society)!!!

I don’t believe in marriage (even though I am married). Who needs a piece for paper and some ceremonies to validate a relationship???? I don’t. I would have stayed with KC all my life without marriage… but society needs the validation.

Anyway… this post is dedicated to my sweetheart…. he is not my obssession or addiction… he is much more… he is my life… he is in my every thought… every breath… every worry… every laughter… every tear…

Getting back to real life:

  • New job is okey dokey… the pressure has not yet begun
  • I drove 4.5 hours to and fro to meet Abhinav for 20 mins 2 days back…. totally worth it… Miss Dhruv and Abhinav… times spent with them in Corbett and Bangkok are the funnest times I’ve had
  • RT and Vijay complained about the lack of posts here…. thanks people… you guys keep my blog alive
  • I cook every night… no matter how late or how tired I am
  • Sleepy…. I will post more… much more tomorrow.. watch this space

Muah… people!!!

8 thoughts on “Missed ya

  1. Hey, missed ya too. It’s so heartening that you have such a good relationship in life. Most of us wish for something of the sort.

    You say that you cook every day no matter what, I don’t know why, but that strikes a chord in me somewhere. Way to go Bul.

  2. You’re absolutely right, though the prev gen may say you’re rebellious. What is marriage? Who needs social sanction for a relationship, that society wishes to call marriage.

    Agree with you 100%. Admire your maturity, envy your outspokenness.

  3. Hey, one question for you. Obviously, it’s up to you to choose whether to answer or not. If you got an assignment abroad that paid you 6 times what you currently earn, and allows you to save 10 times what you currently save together, what would you do???

  4. @Vijay: Yep

    @Anonymous: Thank you… Why does cooking strike a chord with you? I would not take up the assignment if it keeps me away from KC… money is irrelevant… I earn enough and am not after more.

  5. hey lady!!
    welcome back… missed u a lot… why did the dedication in the dedicated post stopped right after the mention of it 😉

  6. @RT: Hahahahaha… ‘coz it took an effort to even express that much on my blog. A friend has already said it sounds like I am a “love sick teenager”.

    @ KC: Crap… and you will play PS2 all day? Over my dead body!!!

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