Minor Update

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When I go to the gym there are few things which pep me up:

  • Fast music. The pace picks up with a hep, fast song and it drops with a slow song. I have not yet made a list specific to my gym routine ‘coz this is the only time of the say I listen to music and I don’t want to miss out on any song
  • If my neighbour on the treadmill is working out at a fast pace. I guess it is the competitive spirit… or maybe not. If my neighbour is running I am motivated to run and if he/she is striding along my pace drops.
The only high points this month will be- Diwali gift from the company and some products I have ordered. Thats it!!! I will be more than happy when it ends.
Yesterday, I could not move out of bed… I called in sick. I just wanted a day off… off from the work, the cleaning, the driving etc etc.
It helped me refresh a bit.
Yawn… Good night.

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