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Hiya… I was stuck in a 3 day training session without internet and could not blog.

Here is an update:
On Monday morning I left for Malad while KC headed to Vashi. I felt bad for not being able to drop him at the bus and his constant “I will miss you” increased the guilt. I was scheduled to attend a 3 day residential training session on “Team Management” at ‘The Resort’ on Aksa beach. Sounds great???? It was not. The resort is located in one corner of Mumbai… the stench of fish greeted me as I stepped out of the car. It is a Raheja property and very old. The view of the beach and sea is beautiful if you can ignore the smell. The food was not too great. The pastry for dessert had pathetic cream. Remember the b’day cakes we cut as kids? The ones with the cheap cream? The pastries had those. And there were many families on vacation and weddings. I wondered how they could celebrate in that smell. I could not open the balcony door of my room overlooking the sea and pool ‘coz of the terrible smell.
Coming to the training… where do I begin? 12 sales managers from all over the country had gathered for it. Thankfully, I had 2 other colleagues from my region and another 1 who had recently shifted from West to Delhi. We stuck together and gossiped.
Anyway, they put us in a conference room with a trainer and HR female and taught us how to manage our team… motivate them… delegate work to them… and understand them better. There was also a session on salsa so people could learn about co-ordination with other people.
By day 3 I was mind fucked. There is a lot of work pending and I could not access my mails/internet due to no network. I wish they would have taken us outdoors instead, divided us into teams and made us do some activities. Atleast we would have ENJOYED that. The trainer was sweet but……… it reminded me of all the HR courses I avoided in B school. Nobody would have caught me dead in them. How things have changed.
I was feeling quite homesick and am glad to be back home. I have done the washing, giving clothes for ironing, unpacking etc already and the thought of innumerable mails to catch up on is giving me a headache.
The first disaster at home was accidently breaking KC’s perfume. I had been badgering him to bring it home from Hubli… he did so 2 weeks back and I broke the bottle. Poor guy!!! He must think I am taking some sort of revenge. The second disaster is that the cooking gas is over. I need to look up recipes for microwave cooking and eating rotis is out for next few days.
Ciao… I will be back tomorrow.

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