Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

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I am sorry… but I need… need… need to blog about this.

The new version is soooooooooooo long and boring… Shahid, Deepika and Ranbir are in it? Why? Shiamak Davar? Huh? The stupid electronic sounds? Why?
DD got a lot of things right… Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (MSMT) was one of them . I have not watched it in a long time… and wouldn’t have bothered to… but the new version made me nostalgic about the old one. I am sure the old one is getting a looooooooot of hits. The new one just made the old one more famous.
New version is about some celebrities (if I can call them that)… some difference in sounds (which suck)… the old version is about national integrity, Indians… and India (can’t believe I am using such words).
And the old version has more women than the new one. Kudos to that!!!

4 thoughts on “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

  1. even i dint like it a bit… i think inspite of all the new tech available now, the old one looks better too… will never forget the patch done by hema malini in the old one…

    I was also disappointed by the fact that they have very easily ignored couple of languages from the old song one of them being Sindhi.

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