Midnight Drink

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Hiya. Tonight is the only time I have been able to spend by myself in a week and I feel so relieved. Am having wine after a really long time.
Sometimes, it is nice to be up late, alone, drinking and watching a movie.
It is so important to spend time with myself. I am used to also. My job has made me self sufficient. Sure, being alone for long periods of time without any support or company can suck but it is important to like your ownself and enjoy your company. When I even remotely mention it to normal, regular people (unlike us… they do not read blogs and lead a normal life in every sense of the word), they are shocked. Someone who is not comfortable with rules of society??? Thats not normal.
I am watching Omkara. I have watched it many times and love it. I finished reading ‘Fantasies of a Bollywood Love Thief’ written by Stephen Alter (Tom Alter’s brother). He has followed the movie (Omkara) from conception to release. Reading about it made me want to watch it again.
Ciao… Enjoy your Saturday night.
Tomorrow is the workshop and I am excited.

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