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Yesterday I asked the universe to send me a message to get me out of bed today and do what I do. There was no message, of course. 


Only my determination to not give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me upset and sad. As always, I will let my work do the talking instead of networking or building a personal rapport with anyone. I am not going to beg for what I deserve to be handed on a platter.

In the last 2 years, my reporting managers have provided me with the required emotional support when I have been low. It’s rare but I tend to turn my current colleagues to vent frustrations. It’s difficult to explain to outsiders and won’t be of any interest to them.

Here is some advice I would give corporate slaves:

Be very clear why you are quitting a company. 

Money should be a reason only if you can’t manage within your means. If you like what you do, money will come to you. Career path is a good reason to leave. But only once you are sure every possibility has been exhausted in the current organisation.

A better brand is a very good reason to quit but the learning will be more diverse in a small setup. 

A bad boss can have serious effects on mental health. But every organisation has that one chuth and you may be very unlucky to be in his team.

Quit if your career is going nowhere and you have zero equity. Equity is what matters. The only thing that really matters. 

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