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I watched ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’ over the weekend. You can read the review here

The movie is about medical negligence. My father is a doctor and I aspired to be one (just like any child of a doctor). I have a different perspective on medical negligence. Is there anyone who can do their job perfectly? Without making any mistakes? I don’t think so… everyone makes mistakes. Why can’t a doctor? Isn’t he/she a human being?

My father has a hospital in a small town. It is a medical centre where patients from smaller villages come for treatment. They cannot afford to go to the city. If some child (my father is a paediatrician) passed away, the atmosphere had home would become tensed because villagers are uneducated and ignorant… they do not think twice before blaming the doctor for the death.

My dad would regularly attend emergencies in the middle of the night. He has got into the habit of taking a nap anywhere and everywhere. When someone has to be on call 24/7 aren’t there higher chances of making mistakes? Isn’t that forgivable?

There is a very thin line between ‘mistake’ and ‘negligence’ for a doctor.



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  1. With my father having passed away earlier this year due to medical negligence, this is a very close issue to me. You are right in that there is a thin line between ‘negligence’ and ‘mistake’. But bear in mind that unlike any other job, a mistake here costs lives.

    My dad’s case was a lot more clear cut. He has all the classic symptoms of a heart attack (cold sweats, weakness in the left arm) but even after diagnosing the heart attack, instead of admitting him to the CCU or giving a clot-melting injection, they chose to admit him and sent him to a room.

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