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I have been meaning to blog everyday… but life has been busy and hectic. I will get to that in the next post.
This last month in Gurgaon I have been calmer than usual… my tempers have reduced, I leave work at work and things don’t seem too stressful since KC is with me.
But today I lost it. I had to bully, abuse and lose my temper. Don’t be surprised… it comes with the job I am in. I had to make some things clear and put my foot down. If I am right, I don’t “bloody” care what anyone else feels. What is wrong is wrong. I have been trying not to rock the boat by letting things go. I would tell myself- “Let it go. Don’t stress”. Not the best thing to do. If its war, I am ready for it.
All the above refers to work life. Personal life is damn good.
On Thursday my colleague told me how he and his wife had gone to Sariska for a day and liked it. I planned the trip over the weekend. Bookings were made within 1 day- booking at RTDC hotel for 2500 bucks for an AC room. We decided to take the train instead of driving. The train is till Alwar only and the hotel guy told me cabs will be available from the station. KC and I left on Saturday evening. We arrived by 6.30 pm but could not find any cabs. We headed to the bus stand hoping to find something there. I loved the small town of Alwar- I could smell Rajasthan in the air and it took me back to my school days in Mt Abu. Its amazing how the air smells and feels different in every place- Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka. Maybe it is the memories.
Anyway, we had to take a rickety old bus. We reached Sariska at 8.45 pm. The bus fellow forgot to inform us that the town had arrived and we had to get off some meters away in the dark.
KC and me were extremely scared… no lights, no visibile sign boards, no people around, no town, just buses and jeeps passing us by. Thankfully, the RTDC guy came and showed the way. We reached in time for dinner. After spending sometime in the lawn we hit the snooze button.
RTDC hotel is located within Sariska wildlife park. The first jeep safari begins at 6.30 or 7.30 am. That is the best time to go… the animals spotting is easier. In the afternoon, they generally move into the shade and rest. The duration is 3 hours.
There were 4 snobbish Delhi oldies with us. We decided to take a safari with them since sharing is cheaper. Whenever KC and I travel we always run out of money… always… no matter how much cash we initially carry. This time also we were running short and chatted up the oldies. It was nice since they were carrying candies, water and channa… Yeah, I am kinda cheap that
The safari was good…. we spotted lots and lots and lots of deer- spotted, cheetal, smabhar; jackal; many species of beautiful birds; wild boar etc. Thats not even the best part. We saw 4-5 peacock dances. It is a sight to be seen. I have only read about it in school textbooks (generally, Hindi). We tried to click pics but could only get 1 clear one.
The jeep stopped at a temple where we had hot, yummy kachoris with my fav tamarind chutney. There were taps of drinking water. A small monkey opened the tap, put his mouth to it, drank the water, closed the tap and ran away. Wow!!! The safari back was dull. We had seen enough of the deer.
The plan was to hire a cab, check out some nearby sights and catch the train back.
But destiny had other plans. Only 1 cab was available who was charging more than double. We cancelled sight seeing and took another rickety bus to Alwar. KC did not get a seat and bus was packed. The train was on time and we happily boarded the sleeper class (tickets for AC were not available). The train refused to move for the next 3.5 hours. We reached home at midnight instead of 8 pm.
If I forget the return journey (very difficult) it was a good trip.
While planning, I wondered if it was better to sit at home instead of making the efforts. Sometimes we get into a comfort zone and do not want to move out.

Some tips:
  • Drive… it is 180 km from Gurgaon… public transport in North sucks
  • You can either stay at Alwar and travel 37 km in the morning for the safari or stay in one of the hotels near Sariska- Sariska Palace, Tiger Camp, RTDC etc
  • The food at RTDC is homely and it is a decent place
  • Don’t expect to see tigers… there are only 4 of them… they have better things to do than exhibit themselves

4 thoughts on “Meaning to blog everyday

  1. Good writeup. Sometimes it is good to travel in public transport, you can feel India, meet people etc. Driving in own vehicle makes you isolated. Of course, it is a personal preference.


  2. @ Anita: Yeah… I love that pic too

    @ KC: So true

    @ Mahesh: Sure… it is fun to watch other people and my hubby loves overhearing conversations

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