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Hiya. I am back, as promised… with a post on my favorite product- mascara.
Men, please ignore. Come back later.
I have always had regular eyelashes- thin, slightly curved and not too long. Eyelashes should be long, curved and thick. Thats where a mascara comes in. It opens up the eyes and makes them look more attractive. Not kidding. This is the 2nd last product I have come to like; last is blush. Anyway, right now it is my favorite product because even if I do not use an eyeliner, it makes my eyes look better.
The first mascara I purchased was Maybelline volume express in college. I never used it and could not figure out the big deal. Almost 2 years back, I decided to give it a try again. This time I picked up Mac mascara. I was not sure what I wanted from it- do I want to lengthen my lashes or curve them or thicken them? Every beauty counter I went to, the skin advisers would apply many coats of the mascara and make my eyelashes look weird. I did not want to look over the top.
I follow one rule- when in doubt, pick up Mac… if you afford it. I bought a mascara which only defines lashes. After some time of using it, I realized- its not meant for my lashes. My lashes need help- to curve, lengthen and thicken.
So, I bought another Mac mascara- this one for curved and thick lashes.
After a few months, I picked up L’Oreal mascara. I love L’Oreal products (most of them) and
decided to give it a try. I picked up the volume million lashes. I also decided to try out a brown mascara- L’Oreal telescopic mascara.

Front to back: Mac Pro Longlash: Price- around 1k; Mac Plush Lash: Price- around 1k; L’Oreal telescopic mascara: Price- around 600 bucks; L’Oreal volume million lashes: Price- around 700 bucks.
Mascara should be applied last- after completing the rest of the eye make up. Open the bottle, take out the wand, swipe on the lash- bottom to top. Swipe again. And again, if you want more volume. Use it on the other eye. Do not dip it again in the bottle. This is to prevent the air from entering in and drying it sooner.
Here is a pic of my eye with the mascara on- I have used volume million lashes mascara and swiped twice. The pic has been taken with my phone so it is not very clear.

You can compare the lower lashes and upper ones and notice the difference.
For a casual look, you can skip liner and apply mascara and kohl. It still gives a defined look to the eye and seems like a thin liner has been applied.
Reviews of the mascara:

Front to back:
Mac Pro Longlash: I do not use it anymore and will be glad to give it away for free. Lemme know if you want it
Mac Plush Lash: It has a thick brush which curves the lashes very well. The only problem is it does not cover the small lashes. I generally skip covering those
L’Oreal telescopic mascara: This one is my favorite. The brush is very thin and covers smallest lashes. It is brown colored and gives a very natural look. It lengthens the lashes but does not add too much volume. I need to swipe 3-4 times for volume. Best for daily, casual wear
L’Oreal volume lashes: Really, really adds volume. Covers even small lashes and lengthens them. Gives a black look to the eyes. Love it.
Tip: Always, always curl your lashes with an eye curler (costs less than Rs 50 and available at all cosmetic stores) before applying mascara. If lashes are not curled, they will not look very good. Also, don’t go for blue or green or different colored mascaras. If lashes are black, no matter which color you apply it will not be visible.
For cheaper options, Maybelline mascara is good. Lakme is dependable. You can check out Revlon/Chambor/Max Factor etc. There are many, many options these days.

2 thoughts on “Mascara… for beginners/dummies

  1. Wonderful tutorial and tips. I am always skeptical about mascara because I did not know that one had to curl their lashes with an eye curler first. Thanks for sharing that important piece of information. Whenever I or somebody else has applied mascara, I find it lying in lumps on my already scarce eye lashes. Most disagreeable. Another worry I have is, mascara usually doesn’t clean well with make up remover. What are your thoughts?

  2. Anytime. The only reason mascara will be in lumps is when- it is old and dried or not of a good brand or too much has been applied. I always remove the excess off the wand… and I hate the overdone look that beauty advisers show at counters.
    Next post- make up removers

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