Married but available

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Crap… crap… more crap. The author is some ‘Abhijit Bhaduri’ and the book is a sequel of ‘Mediocre but Arrogant’. I think I have read it…
This book is another one of those… “Oh!!! I have done MBA and survived in the corporate world… people will fall over each other to read about my experiences… no matter how fictitious… and it does not matter that I don’t have writing skills”.
An impractical book about corporate life.
Khushi and I have been wondering if we should write a book like this too. After all, we are MBAs and working in the corporate world… and there are enough stories floating around to fill 200-300 pages.

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  1. I read Mediocre… and avoided the sequel. Expected it to be something like this only…after reading a couple of similar things i have altogether stopped buying reading them…

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