Marriage is super dupe insane 

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Incident 1:

I call KC and ask him to help me carry the groceries home. His friends have come over to play PS3 but he comes downstairs anyway. I have my purse, tiffin bag, gym bag, groceries and mangoes carton.

Him – I could have picked these things up later

Me – You should have said that on the phone. Why did you come downstairs then?

Him – Am sure you could have carried this much. After all,  you go to the gym and all

Me – True but unfortunately I have only 2 hands. Am sure 4/6/8/10 hands would have made your life much easier. So sorry to disappoint you with my 2 hands. You know what, in your next birth marry an octopus. It can then carry as many bags on its own as you want. 

*I laugh uproariously at the joke priding myself on my awesome sense of humour while KC wonders what paap he did in his previous janam*

Incident 2 :

In Italy.

Me – The first thing am going to do is call the cook in the morning and ask her to make daal, chawal, roti and bhindi ki sabji

Him – See, now you remember bhindi. Bure waqt me in bhindi hi kaam aayi na. Faltu mein you always crib about bhindi 


Bhindi was my favourite veggie until 2 years back. KC likes it so much that he can eat it couple of times a week. That’s such an overkill that now I cannot stand bhindi.

Incident 3:

We are waiting to board our flight at Venice for Istanbul. I ask KC to wait for a few mins before boarding because I wanted to finish watching the Mad Men episode on iPad. By the time am done, the queue becomes very long and we have to wait quite a bit. KC is super pissed at me.

Him – You made me wait for an hour outside OVS store and now here also. I was so exhausted that I just sat down on the street. This is crazy. 

* He goes on and on and on*

Me – I am so sorry to have ruined your trip. Maybe now you know how I felt when you dragged me to an expensive trip with your friends who refused to speak in any language but Marathi. And when you didn’t book the hotel on time and we couldn’t go to Mcleodganj. Not to mention that you preferred to go to Goa with friends instead of helping me with shifting house in Mumbai and I had to do it all in my own. Your waiting for an hour is obviously worse than all of this

KC *speechless*

Me – You know you are never going to win this argument. 

More gems to come when I think of them. 

2 thoughts on “Marriage is super dupe insane 

  1. Ohh I can think of so many similar one son my end as well. He ends up saying you always have something to say for every mistake you do but will not accept his! blah!

  2. I really think am superb at remembering every incident and can throw it in his face whenever it’s convenient for me. I guess, same story in every marriage

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