Mard ko dard nahi hota

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This post has nothing to do with men. Instead, they will be better off reading something else.
I do not like visiting the salon… I try to put off the visit as long as possible. It is either a painful or boring experience. My monthly visit involve- facial, manicure, pedicure, back wax, eyebrows/upper lip, bleach…. not all on the same day. If I did schedule it on the same day I would spend the entire day in a salon- 1.5 hours for facial, 1 hr manicure/pedicure, 15 mins eyebrows/upper lip, 1 hour- wax/bleach.
Last week I decided to give something else a try- bikini wax. I follow this blogger and she had said in one of her posts that every girl should try it out. It will make her feel free. It being summers and all, I thought why not.
But I need to digress. I do not like waxing, It has so many cons- you have to wait for your hair to grow out completely before getting it done which means you spend many days covered up. For someone who loves her skirts and sleeveless tops, its just not convenient. Also, I have sensitive skin and get red rashes/boils after waxing… no matter how hygienically it is done. I prefer my razor. 5 mins in the shower daily and I am done. Yes, it does remove hair from the roots. They do grow randomly in all directions and once a razor is used waxing is out of question. Tell a salon lady you have used a razor even once and need to get waxed. She will shake her head and rattle off the cons of using a razor.
Coming back, the salon lady was not happy with the usage of razor and gave me a lecture. Bikini waxing is the most painful experience I have had.
Thats when I realized… men don’t have to go through all this. Sure, they do visit salons for treatments but none of it involves pain.
Its just women who have to go through it. As teenagers, we wait for the first time we can get a clean up or facial or wax or bleach etc without realizing it is beginning of a whirlpool which will suck us in and trap us for life.

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